Non-Profits are cutting expenses to survive

2009 was a bad year for all businesses but specially for non profit organizations. When the economy is not doing well first thing the businesses do is cut their sponsorships, then marketing, and then the lay offs follow.

Contributions are way down this year. At least the ones I’ve spoken to. Some will not survive this economic turmoil. How will this effect the community? I am afraid it will effect the community negatively. When they are short of funds, they have to cut on the services that they provide, to animals, people, children, woman etc. What will happen to the recipients?

I think we should all get together to help the local charities. I believe they are doing so much for the community that the government can’t. Here are some good tips for them to afloat during these bad times.

We at understand the importance of  the Charities and non-profits for our community. We’ve always supported them and continue to support our local charities. Since collecting donations are essential for the charities, we though may be we can expend our support and help any charity who would like to collect their donations faster could use Rapid-Billing.

So, we decided to give it for free to any charity who has less then 500 customers. And 50% discounted rates for the more advanced packages. They can sign up for a free account and then email us their 501 c documents and we upgrade their account to GOLD package ($39/mo.) for FREE.

Spread the word to help your charity. Tell them to sign up for a free account at

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