Manual Post Production Invoicing Vs Rapid-Billing

Post-Production Invoicing is very important in order for you to get paid.

When you manually do post production invoicing, you have to make sure :

  • Your Invoicing Template is pretty neat
  • Your Invoice looks professional
  • Your invoice has full itemized description of what your customers are been charged for.
  • Accurately keeping track of Records or Rates etc
  • Maintain Status of being Paid or Unpaid.
  • Invoice correctly based on pre-agreed terms like Net30 or Net60 and so on. So you have to manually set Due Dates on your Invoices.
  • Go after them for collections!

Finally when you have billed them, it is possible that they are “busy” or “on vacation” or have some other frivolous issue that you don’t care about. They may or may not pay on time. It’s not that they don’t want to pay but they just might have forgotten about your invoices. This makes business suffer because in a growing startup : the more the money supply, the more the activities.

Rapid-Billing introduces a great new paradigm shift in Invoicing. It allows you to invoice your clients and get paid pro-actively while you are not around. If you are using Rapid-Billing, all you have to do is create the invoice and send it to the customer. The system takes care of the rest!. It timely reminds your client that their invoice is due based on the settingst.

Some of salient features of Rapid-Billing Invoicing system are :

  • Your Invoices looks absolutely professional with your branding
  • Full Description about the services that you have rendered.
  • Keeps track of your Rates and Discounts
  • Automatically maintain status of invoice, whether it’s paid or not
  • Set Due dates on Invoice and even Schedule it for later – to accommodate whatever payment terms you have agreed with your buyer.
  • You don’t need to go after them. Spend that much more time on growing your business!

Rapid-Billing is a dead simple product, using it is very affordable. Starting plans from just $0/month. Now that is cheap even by cheapest standards. Don’t burn your money in keeping your books “fresh”!  Instead switch to Rapid-Billing and make life simple.  Sign up now at Rapid-Billing

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